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OBRA Waiver in PA

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If you have a severe developmental physical disability (ex. cerebral palsy or epilepsy), the OBRA Waiver is a home and community-based waiver program that may be available to you so you can continue to live in your home and community with the help of government-funded services. A Bridge to Independence can coordinate services for participants on the OBRA waver, classified as a Long-Term Care and Supports (LTSS) program.

What Is OBRA?

OBRA stands for the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, also known as the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, which set federal standards for levels of care toward residents. Bridge was founded by individuals seeking home and community-based services in PA for their family members, so we are better equipped to helping you navigate the system for OBRA Waiver and other services.

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In addition to service coordination, available OBRA Waiver services for PA residents may include:

  • Adult Daily Living
  • Accessibility Adaptations, Equipment, Technology and Medical Supplies
  • Benefits Counseling
  • Career Assessment
  • Community Integration
  • Community Transition Services
  • Employment Skills Development
  • Financial Management Services
  • Home Health
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Finding
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Personal Assistance Services
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
  • Residential Habilitation Services
  • Respite
  • Service Coordination
  • Structured-Day Habilitation Services
  • Therapeutic and Counseling Services

The OBRA Waiver (an LTSS program) is intended for adults with developmental physical disabilities. To be eligible, an individual must:

  • Be a resident of Pennsylvania;
  • Be between 18 and 59 years of age and require an intermediate care facility/other related conditions (ICF/ORC) level of care;
  • Have a disability that occurred before age 22 and is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • The disability must result in 3 or more substantial functional limitations in major life activities: mobility, communication, self-care, self-direction, independent living and learning. The person cannot have intellectual disability or a major mental disorder as a primary diagnosis; and
  • Be Medical Assistance (MA) income/resource eligible

For more information on the OBRA Waiver program in PA, please visit the DHS website.