A Bridge to Independence
A Bridge to Independence

Supports & Service Coordination for PA Residents

Making the most of your resources, so you live life to the fullest.

With deep industry knowledge and personal connections with all available providers, our supports/service coordinators help you set personalized goals and move beyond limits.

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Move gracefully through your care journey

A Bridge to Independence is an accredited Supports Coordination Organization that locates, coordinates and monitors the delivery of home and community-based services for individuals in Pennsylvania with physical and intellectual disabilities.

At Bridge, you’re like family. Let our case management services act as your personal guide through what can be an overwhelming list of county resources.

More than 3,950 individuals empowered across Pennsylvania

From adult autism services to aging and disability services, Bridge provides supports/service coordination for many individuals statewide.

Success Stories

It takes a village.
Bridge brings the village to you.

We help families examine their needs, look at which services they qualify for, and coordinate
with county agencies to ensure they can provide adequate support for all involved.

Why our supports & service coordinators stand out:

Deep Experience

Deep Experience

Our supports/service coordinators each average 15-30 years of experience. After seeking resources for their own families, our founders formed Bridge to better serve others like them in the community.



At Bridge, you're not a category, nor a number. Every individual is unique, and our thoughtful, person-first approach sees to it your needs are met. It's personal to us because it's personal to you.



Bridge supports/service coordinators have great relationships with agencies where we live and work. Our roots in those counties allow us to easily connect you with county-specific resources.

The PA Waiver Program: Let us bridge the gap.

For those who qualify for a support service waiver, let us bridge the gap between a lengthy list of services and next steps. The PA waiver program is a designation for subsidized funding. Bridge serves as your personal guide through the supports/service coordination process for individuals on the following waivers

Service Coordination Waiver/Services:

Supports Coordination Waiver/Services:

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